Learning from the children

As we wound around the hairpin curves on the road to the mountain top village of Wahadneh, the view of northern Jordans’s rugged terrain was spectacular. Jordan is the home of many well known Biblical sites, and this particular region is where the prophet Elijah was born. Wahadneh is built on a series of caves and there is reportedly an ancient tunnel that runs under the village.

We met with Abuna (Father) Bassem, a Latin Parish priest who has a vision for peace building in his community. He is in the process of transforming a rocky, dangerous area next to the church into a Peace Garden, a safe attractive park where all members of the community regardless of nationality or religion are welcome.

On this particular visit with Abuna Bassem, we learned about the Wahadneh Latin Parish School located on the church compound. The school, with more than 200 students from kindergarten to sixth grade, welcomes both Christian and Muslim children from the community. Children from different faiths learn and play together and have the opportunity to develop positive relationships in this supportive environment. Abuna Bassam is hopeful that the interfaith mentality of the community will be transformed, beginning with the children at the Latin Patriarch School

MCC’s Global Family program will support this school for the next three years, providing funds to help resource this important education.

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