A prayer for peace during a time of war

Epiphany 1 (January 11, 2009)
Common Lectionary Readings:
Gen. 1:1-5; Ps. 29; Acts 19:1-7; Mark 1:4-11

This week in Amman, the Jordan YWCA organized a vigil for Gaza. Hundreds showed up to pray, sing and light candles for peace. The fighting is in its 15th day and the humanitarian situation in Gaza is dire.

At the request of Mennonite Church USA staff, we wrote the following prayer for peace, based on this week’s Common Lectionary readings. As of Jan. 10, Daryl is in the 7th day of a fast for peace, calling on leaders to immediately end the violence.

Candles at YWCA vigil

A prayer for peace during a time of war

God whose voice spoke, “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3) –

Let your overcoming light scatter the violence that darkens Gaza and Israel;
Let your guiding light give wisdom to leaders who seek for peace;
Let your healing light envelop the wounds of war and restore wholeness to body and mind and spirit.

God whose voice is powerful and full of majesty (Ps. 29:4) –
Open our ears to hear your Word;
Open our eyes to see your glory;
Open our hearts to humbly walk in your way of justice and peace.

God whose voice spoke, “You are my Son, the Beloved, with you I am well pleased” (Mark 1:11) –
Make us secure in knowing that we are your dearly-loved children;
Make us confident in our calling as your ambassadors of reconciliation;
Make us steadfast in loving others as you have loved us.

God whose Spirit empowers us to speak words of truth (Acts 19:6) –
Give courage to our timid spirits;
Fill us with fresh passion for peace;
Make us bold to stand up for what is just and right and true.

God who separated the light from the darkness, God who called the light good (Gen. 1:4), make us to walk in your light. Be well pleased with all your children. Amen

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